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What is original ingredient  "Faith Fresh Collagen " with fresh collagen that reach the stratum corneum?At long last! Cosmetics from the soul

100% satisfaction with "Faith Fresh Collagen" in half face tests

Half face test survey
Very popular with 120-minute-long line at Beauty World Japan!!

We conducted fresh collagen facial half face tests at beautyworld Japan (a beauty trade fair) using FAITH LAMELLAR MODE precare essence and water that includes "Faith Fresh Collagen". In these half face tests, we removed makeup from half of the face, and simply applied fresh collagen that requires refrigeration. Even this simple test received great enthusiasm for its amazing effects, with a 120-minute-long wait from even the first day.

Half face test method for precare lamellar beauty regimen

(1) Remove makeup from half the face (from below the eyes to the tip of the chin)

Blend in cleanser and wipe with a tissue!!
Next, wipe off with a wet cotton pad or sponge.

(2) Apply precare to half the face

Apply precare to half the face pressing up from bottom to top.
Next blend in by pulling up the skin to increase the effect.

What is the secret to this level of satisfaction?

There are three types of collagen

Fresh collagen - Heating - Gelatin collagen - Decomposition - Hydrolyzed collagen

Water retention capacity varies greatly by type of collagen.
Collagen is fresh collagen with a triple-helical structure. Most cosmetics use hydrolyzed collagen that is broken down by heat or enzymes.

Fresh collagen has 6 times*1 the water retention capacity of hydrolyzed collagen.

We therefore conducted research on how to add fresh collagen that has the highest moisture capacity in our products. However, one issue remained.
Fresh collagen is too large in its natural state to penetrate to the stratum corneum.

Too large to enter the stratum corneum

Wrapping fresh collagen around a nano capsule let it permeate the skin.

We changed our way of thinking, and tried wrapped fresh collagen around the outside of nano capsules that easily penetrate the skin!!
"Faith Fresh Collagen" was developed under collaboration with L.V.M.C. INC. originated in Tokyo University of Science.

*1   Theoretical values calculated based on the 6 times water retention capacity of fresh collagen over hydrolyzed collagen

*2   Stratum corneum

*3   "Faith Fresh Collagen" (soluble collagen, hydrogenerated lecithin, phytosterol)… moisturizing ingredient
Ingredient Patent Title of Invention: Cosmetic base comprising collagen-modified liposome and skin cosmetic containing the same.

*     L.V.M.C., INC. is a company comprised of professors from the Tokyo University of Science (TUS) who have carried out vast amounts of research for major cosmetics companies, centered on Dr. Masahiko Abe of the TUS Research Institute for Science & Technology and Dr. Makoto Yuasa of the TUS who generate excellent technological capabilities in the field of colloid interfacial chemistry. The company pursues research and development of state-of-the-art cosmetics based on the latest knowledge of skin mechanisms and colloid interfacial chemistry. (Source: Excerpt from the Yahoo! Shopping webpage about "L.V.M.C. INC. About L.V.M.C.")

"Faith Fresh Collagen" must be refrigerated after dissolving.

Why? Because fresh collagen is vulnerable to heat

If you leave fresh collagen at 20°C or higher for an hour or more…

Fresh collagen left at 20°C or higher for an hour or more will begin to denature, reducing the fresh collagen effect by half.
This is why it was previously considered so difficult to use fresh collagen in cosmetics.

So…The cosmetics products must be refrigerated

Keep refrigerated

We created a new type of essence that you must make yourself by dissolving "Faith Fresh Collagen" that is freeze-dried in high concentration with dissolving liquid before use. After dissolving, store it in the refrigerator to supply fresh collagen to your skin every time.

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