FAITH FAITH-Our name is our promise.

Why FAITH is established

In 1977, a woman filed a cosmetics lawsuit after suffering major skin trouble caused by low quality cosmetics. Seeing the victim's devastated skin was shocking. This experience filled us with a sense of mission to
Published in 1979  Dangerous Cosmetics

In 1979, a book called "Dangerous Cosmetics" was published that was written by the Consumers Union of Japan, causing an uproar in the cosmetics industry. This book was written with conviction about "how cosmetics should be."

With the Kongan, a heartfelt wish, that the feminine desire for beauty be fulfilled, over 20 years has passed since our founding, and the FAITH GROUP continues to fulfill this wish today.

FAITH products include education as a set

All FAITH GROUP developed products, training, and marketing are based on our creed of the Three Facets of Beauty. The FAITH GROUP considers it our mission to move past simply selling cosmetics and help our users attain

Three Facets of Beauty + Action

We offer a training system that corresponds to products and distribution for those selling FAITH GROUP products.

Our generous training menu includes staff training support and direct training by FAITH GROUP members at your store.

We actively provide knowledge for achieving success through our comprehensive training system that covers all aspects from basic application to actual practice, based on our creed of the Three Facets of Beauty + Action.

  • FAITH's creed of beauty
Achieving balanced healthy beauty

History of Product Development

Gel cosmetics pioneer|Adoption of the Kat Sod Assay method|Birth of the original ingredient "Faith Fresh Collagen"!

The first skincare revolution

Gel cosmetics pioneer

We developed a product that includes an ingredient called gel that does not use surfactants, ingredients that are commonly used to mix oil and water.

The second skincare revolution

Development of nano capsule cosmetics

Focusing on nano capsules, which deliver effective ingredients deep into the skin (stratum corneum).

The third skincare revolution

Development of cosmetics that do not generate active oxygen

In order to manufacture cosmetics that do not generate active oxygen, we adopted the Kat Sod Assay method - an original FAITH ingredient test - which brought us one step closer to the ideal cosmetics.

The fourth skincare revolution

Establishment of lamellar beauty method

We developed "Faith Fresh Collagen", the collagen that reaches into the stratum corneum and established lamellar beauty method that repairs the lamellar structure of internal stratum corneum by moisturizing and protecting the skin.

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