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The FAITH GROUP network brings a world of beauty and health.

As society diversifies, so does people's sense of value. With women playing an increasingly active role in society, they seek to express their identity through increasingly sophisticated ideas about beauty and lifestyle.

These changing times have stimulated the entire esthetics industry, and the FAITH GROUP is no exception, experiencing dramatic growth by expanding beyond cosmetics and into the sale of slimming lingerie, health foods, and health equipment.
In addition to selling products, we are also committed to training personnel. We have also officially expanded into China, establishing a subsidiary, Shanghai No-oxy Co., Ltd, and a joint venture company, Shanghai Faith Cosmetic R&D Co., Ltd. Boosting each group company's position in its respective area of expertise gives Faith the overall strength it needs to better serve society's needs in a meticuluos and unique manner. Crucial to this strength is the synergistic effect gained by combining our capabilities in techonology, product knowledge, and information gathering and provision. The FAITH GROUP will continue to steadily grow by keeping its businesses a step ahead of the needs of the times, all in its unceasing mission to serve you better.

Faith Co., Ltd.
Faith Beauty Co., Ltd.
Faith Cosmetic Co., Ltd.
Beauty Mission Co., Ltd.
The Herbal Co., Ltd.
NU-Cosme Co., Ltd.
Bio-Science Research Center
Shanghai Faith Cosmetic R&D Co., Ltd.
Shanghai No-oxy Co.,Ltd.
Faith Cosmetics America Inc.

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