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Social Circumstances of the Times

1977-1981: Cosmetics lawsuits initiated

1988: Door-to-Door and Other Direct Sales Law revised

1995: PL Law enacted

2000: Containers and Packaging Recycling Law enacted

2001: New requirement to list all product ingredients enforced

2005: Revised Pharmaceutical Affairs Law enacted

The World CO., LTD. established
Turning our attention toward the damage caused by synthetic materials, FAITH moves to develop cosmetics safe for the skin
Faith CO., LTD. established
The first skincare revolution

Gel cosmetics pioneer FAITH was among the first to focus on gels that do not use surfactants, and developed gel cosmetics

Faith Cosmetic CO., LTD. established
Birth of BIOSOME gel cosmetics
1988 The second skincare revolution

Nano capsules cosmetics Development of nano capsules cosmetics, which deliver active ingredients into the stratum corneum

The Herbal CO., LTD. established
Essex CO., LTD. established; begins selling slimming lingerie
Start of directly managed esthetic salons
Three facets of beauty—external, internal, and spiritual—philosophy established
Beginning of exports to Singapore (Pacific Faith Pte. LTD.)
The Global Corporation established
The Pawze Corporation established
ACNOPURE, a line specifically targeting acne-prone skin, is launched
INSIST makeup series launched
"at system", a line designed especially for sensitive skin, is launched
Exports to the U.S. launched (Pawze America)
Kyushu branch established
Launch of NO PRODUCE Cosmetics, which do not produce active oxygen
The third skincare revolution

Adoption of the Kat Sod Assay method Development of cosmetics that do not produce active oxygen using Kat Sod Assay method

Launch of NONOXY Cosmetics, which do not produce active oxygen
Headquarters move to own building in Chuo-ku, Osaka
Tokyo branch established
A subsidiary in Shanghai, Shanghai No-oxy CO., LTD. established
Japanese-Chinese joint venture company, Shanghai Faith Cosmetic CO., LTD. established
VecTeana, a basic cosmetic series developed using ion and nano technologies, launched
Nagoya branch established
Improved slimming lingerie Romance Chezreine, launched
Cellbester Σ beauty equipment launched
Group expands its business into consumer markets
Faith Esthetic Academy opens
Cellbester personal beauty equipment for home use launched
Health drink Beauty Drink CoQ10 launched
ELFIN, a basic cosmetic series for direct retail sale, launched
Faith Esthetic Academy Kyushu school opens
Company name changed after integration and reorganization of group
Shanghai Faith Cosmetic R&D CO., LTD., joint venture company between Japan and China, established
20 years since foundation
New-and-improved ACNOPURE, cosmetics series developed especially for acne treatment, launched
The fourth skincare revolution
Establishment of Lamellar Beauty Method Establishment of Lamellar Beauty Method that conditions the skin surface and the lamellar stucture of the skin interior (straum corneum)

FAITH LAMELLAR MODE and FAITH LAMELLAR VEIL, two basic cosmetics series that restore the lamellar structure, launched
New distribution system launched
What exactly is original ingredient

Liposod, a basic cosmetics series, launched


FAITH INSIST, lamellar theory makeup series, launched


25 years since foundation
The name of the direct retail salon PAWZE has been changed to THE FAITH
Beauty drink ESSENCE DRINK R launched


Launch of new-and-improved FAITH LAMELLAR VEIL EX, which contains "Faith Gelatin Collagen"

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